Infokiller - Former Neocon second in command, and one of the founding members of the Neocons and helped to build Neocon City. IK is one of Omega Smoke's best friends and most trusted allies, and basicly the most powerfull warrior on Cybertron. During his run as second in command, Infokiller distroyed many enemies with his powerful Vulcan Cannons. Most of which where Air Command (AC) troops.

Decep Smoke - A kind of clone that Omega Smoke built for himself to help the Neocons fight the AC. Decep Smoke eventually gained his own identity and was not thought of as a clone, but as any other Cybertronian. It was him, though, that helped let NeoPrimeStar into the Neocons when she spied on them for Starcrosser. And it was him that placed the price on her head afterwords. Death's Head I is still hunting for her.

Zophar- Formeraly Lord Cyclonus, after a body and weapons upgread, he became Zophar, Neocon Sub-Commander. Helped build the Neocons into the powerful faction they became. Also helped defeat the mercenaries sent out to distroy the Neocons before they where even built. Retired and left Cybertron a couple years later. A good friend of Omega Smoke's and will be missed.

Bongatron - Former Neocon Special Ops commander and another of Omega Smokes best friends. Currently a Moderator for the Cybertronian Alliance and still a great friend of Alpha Omega Smoke and many others. Bongatron is actually made up of billions of nanites calling themselves 'The Swarm'. They all formed together to create Bongatron, defenantly one of the most powerful Decepticons in the universe.

Gigatron - When Decep Smoke created a new, even more powerful body, dubbed the X-17, he became Gigatron. Gigatron was a very powerful machine that could regenerate after attacks. The only flaw was the constant maintance he needed. The X-17 project was scrapped after a while.

Delta Vehicon X - Former Neocon second in command and team commander. DVX has been one of Omega Smokes best friends for a long time. Also worked for a time for the Air Command, and the Dominion. When he faught with the Neocons, he helped to bring down the AC and make the Neocons one of the top factions on Cybertron.

Lord Carcass - One of the top members of the Honor Guard, an elite group of Decepticon warriors. Carcass joined the Neocons when he saw a chance to take down the Air Command. He was one of the Neocons top warriors and eventually worked his way up to being Sub-commander for a time after Infokiller left.

Omnicron - Omnicron is the son of the monster planet Unicron. He disbanded himself eons ago from his father when Unicron started eating his own children when no planets where in site. On his own he began to enlighten himself and not become the monster his father was. After he learned that Unicron was killed, he traveled close to Cybertron where he created Omega Smoke out of the sparks of the Decepticon Empire leader Apocalypse and a fallen warrior named Smoke. During the wars with the AC, Omnicron helped as a Neocon space station and battle base. He repared fallen Neocons so that the AC could not get a good foothold on them.

Thundercracker - (Info coming soon.)