Welcome to Neocon City, home of the Neocons, a powerfull faction during the great wars for the planet Cybertron. Many wars and battles have been launched against this city, and it still stands. But.. for the last couple years, this city has stood silent...and empty.

Though once the warrior who created this city came back to his home world and saw that there was no war going on for once. He joined his former Neocons as a member of the great Cybertronian Alliance. There he got in touch with many other Autobot and Decepticons again.. And for a while... Calling himself Autobot.. But as time went on... He realized he is not Autobot at his spark...nore Decepticon.. He was something in the middle... Something more. He was Neocon...

Legends have a way of coming back. Neocon City - Alpha Omega Smoke, the leader and creator of the Neocons has seen that a war is coming back to the planet of his birth. Autobots and Decepticons have begun fighting once more. This is a perfect time for a new rise....a new reign.. A new begining...For the Neocons.

Legends Are Eternal...

Neocon Leader: Alpha Omega Smoke

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Neocon City Name Shrine.
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Mr. Sexual Harassment Panda says that this is a roleplaying game that will never be endorsed by Hasbro or any other people with copyrights on the Transformers.  He also says that if one person pets a panda, that makes him a happy panda, especially when he's the one getting petted.

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