Alpha Omega Smoke


Function: Autobot Battlebase/Neocon City

Strength: 10

Endurance: 10

Courage: 9

Speed: 3

Skill: 9

Intelligence: 9

Firepower: 10

Rank: 10 - Neocon Supreme Commander


Omega Smoke came to be after a fatal battle with a powerfull enemy, Vehicon Rhinox. Vehicon Rhinox killed the original Smoke in a one on one battle and didn't notice his spark got away from the body in time. His sister Short-Fuse later took Smoke's spark to OMNICRON and forged it with her fathers spark, the original Apocalypes, leader of the Decepticon Empire. Combining the two sparks, Ominicron built Smoke a new body to house it in and Omega Smoke was born. Soon after, Vehicon Rhinox felt Smoke's wrath as he was compleatly obliterated by Omega Smoke. But all was not good with this new giant, The Decepticon Empire that he served with kicked him out and tried to kill him. Sence then, Omega Smoke helped to create the Neocons, and served as the first Neocon leader. During his term as leader, he, along with the help of several other now Neocon alliances, helped to overthrow the Air Command (AC) in a big, memorable war. Omega Smoke stands at 2.5 miles tall, being one of the biggest Decepticons around. After the fall of the Neocons, Omega Smoke took Neocon city, himself, offline and into stasis. One Megacycle later Novablast X awoke Omega Smoke and rebuilt him to be stronger, faster and more endurant that before. Omega Smoke was designed to defend the Autobots, maily because Omega Smoke is a warmed sparked individual. But his Decepticon nature runs to his core, Autobots are the enemies. Omega Smoke met up with Dark Shines and helped him to become the leader of the whole Decepticon Empire, thus Omega Smoke was rewarded by haveing his team brought back online, and used for the elite warriors in the Empire. But when that war ended, the Neocons where mothballed and finished for good, so Omega Smoke left Cybertron to try to make a living away from war and death, sence most of his life was filled with it. But as time passed by, factions came and went, and Omega Smoke watched and listened from his secret home on Mars. Friends he had died, and old ones came back, some came back as Autobots. And it was due to a few of them that Omega Smoke came to his decision to rejoin the Faction Wars, and bring all his knowledge and skill and become an Autobot battle base. Neocon City is Back and better than ever. And thanks to a modification by NightShadow...Alpha Omega Smoke is now kind of like a headmaster....only no human. Alpha Omega Smoke is his full sized mega city bot mode...When his head detaches and transformes, he becomes Omega Smoke, a gesault sized warrior that transforms into a giant cannon...When his head detaches and transforms, he becomes Alpha Smoke, a normal sized warrior that transformes into a blackbird style sonic jet. Currently, he is working as one of the head members of the Cybertronian Alliance, as well as still running Neocon City along with his fellow Neocon Warriors. There is no forseeable end to this warrior and what he has brought to Cybertron. Legends truely are Eternal.



Shockwave Pulsar Cannon

Shockwave cannon

Energon beam saber

Ion disruptor cannons (mounted on shoulders)

Vulcan cannons (mounted on shoulders)

Energon Eye blasters

All forms of missles

Type 10 sheilds over city mode.

Battle droids

Repair droids