Here is the Name Shrine. A page dedicated to all those who have come and gone in the years. And to those who are still around and wish to remember.


Alpha Omega Smoke Leader, owner and co-creater of the Neocons and Neocon City. He's also one of the oldest bots around. Currently still running this city, and is a moderator in the Cybertronian Alliance.

Äir-Razor - Seductive and evil. Pursued Starcrosser, then Ravage.

Ambertron - Former girlfriend of Warrior Prime. Hung out at the StarVoice chatroom Shinx. A moment of silence for StarVoice.

Apocalypse - Former leader of old Decep Empire. Disappeared shortly after the Titan Metal Wars broke out. Father of Short-Fuse. After he was found out to have been murdered by Warlock, his spark was merged with Smoke's, thus forming Omega Smoke.

Aquatic Cmdr. Depth Charge - ACDC worked for Starcrosser for a time, switching sides like a bipolar bear.ACDC was very most likely a fake. He presumably died, In Real Life (IRL), many times according to Neo PrimeStar. By the time both of them disappeared, if you believed NPS anyway, ACDC had died 3 times IRL and had been resurrected twice.

Angel of Death - Unspoken compatriot of Dystemper. Witty and droll. And cute.

Angel Striker - A facet of the Shadow family, not to be trifled with. Penchant for Nacho Cheese Slim Jims.

Arcee - Female BBer, seen in the company of Vindicare on numerous occasions. This sultry but laid back femme also liked to torture the male population.

Aura - Amazon Queen, not the same Amazons involved in the Amazonian war, these are the true Amazons.

Aurora - One of NBX' creations and former member of his clan. This female changed into a winged wolf, and suffered from a terrible fuel inefficiency, thus causing her to eat everything in sight.

Autobot Mech - Steadfast and trustworthy companion of the Autobot leagues at any given structure. Was the sometime sweetheart of Catfight.

Autobot Melee Factor - Returned from the days of old to bolster the ranks of Carcass's Honor Guard regiment during Vindicare's retirement from the BB rp.

Autobot Smoke - Formerly Decep Smoke, Omega Smoke's brother, Autobot Smoke changed sides when his friends and brother did.


Badgertron - A great friend and ally of Omega Smoke and Neocon City. And a really great and nice guy.

Beamer Magnus - Beamer was a young and naive bot. He handled fairly well under pressure but wasn't hard to break. He wielded the Sabre of Cybertron, a sword given to him by Primatron as a sign of power and royalty. Beamer created and lead the Autobot Legion.

Bengaley - A brief visitor to BB, Bengaley was introverted and flighty, and hung out with CK9.

Black Storm - With her many dragon relatives, this lady sure wasn't one to mess with.

Black War Convoy - A noncommital character, usually content to smoking pot and hurling insults to the chatroom's pleasure or disdain. For a time, he lead his own top-secret faction, and occasionally still comes around the CA.

Blot - Disgusting and almost unmentionable if not for his brief stint under DOMINATOR's command at the bequest of Vul-Gar. Spent a lot of time pissing people off and using his famous attack of "shits on the floor". Blot was one of the Terrocons sequestered in an attempt to form the first rp-gestalt Abominus, to no avail.

Blue Shimmer - Her spark sequestered to the Federalie Sedah, she was only recently released as a favor from Starscreamus to Carcass. Her interaction in the Avalonian realms is legendary.

Bongatron - Former Neocon Special Ops commander and another of Omega Smokes best friends. Brooding and insane, but nevertheless calculating and powerful, Bongatron lead the Decepticons at one point, but is currently a Moderator for the Cybertronian Alliance and still a great friend of Alpha Omega Smoke and many others.

Breaker - An untouted zippy in many occasions. Somehow Autobot, yet with no direct affiliation with any current Autobot standing at any given time, Breaker was defeated time and again by Vul-Gar, DOMINATOR, DVZ and other nameless lowlifes as he perpetuated his quest to acquire the affections of Lifeline and Panthera.

Brutimus Prime - This fierce dragon served as Air Commander in the WSD when Starcrosser needed someone to take that position after Sky Shrapnel resigned. BP now returns to the AC2 as one of the highest-ranking members.

Butafliz - Former wife of both Delta Vehicon X and Alpha Omega Smoke. Mother to many. Spent a lot of time sitting in the her tree in BB talking to people.

B.W.Megatron - Founder of the old Decep Empire. Killed by Apocalypse and Warlock.


Carcass - Former Neocon team commander and second in command. A great and powerful warrior and a great friend of Omega Smoke. Now is a commander of the CA.

Catfight - Catfight was a mysterious and quiet bot who was most commonly watching the room from a tree. She only interacted with a few...mostly in debate or to make fun of IANT. Companion of Beamer Magnus, and Autobot Mech.

Chaos - debuted under a onetime alliance between himself and the upstart Land Striker. Together, with the help of DarkStar and a few others, the Rebels were formed in an attempt to cause confusion between the warring Autobot and Decepticon factions. Chaos was presented as the figurehead to the Rebels, who soon came to be known as the Chaoticons. Demanding, outspoken and fearsome.

Chargertron -

Cheetara - Nicknamed the "Thundercat Ho". Cheetara's easygoing nature garnered the attention of many, though she found solace in the arms of Chaos and later on, Warp after he implanted a neural chip into her brain. Famous for her acts of stripping down to her bikini and wafting in jacuzzis.

Chikage - Eternally OOC, Chikage makes her mark in the realms of old BB chat and the CA by being a moody, self-righteous and wonderfully outspoken bitch.

Chronos -

CK9 - companion of Bengaley. Dissapeared (mostly) without a trace, quite some time ago.

Colonel Starburst - A great warrior and Aerospace Commander for the Autobot faction, Starburst was well revered by both sides. Last seen helping the renegade Monsterbot Vul-Gar deal with a pack of Chaoticons... he has not been seen since.

Cmdr. Blitzwing - A commander in the short-lived Blitzkrieg. A good friend to Arcee and Otrion, and the blunt of many of Badgertrons jokes.

Coyote Cow-Girl - The Headmaster companion to her StormSpryte Autobot host, CCG was reknowned as BB's resident bartender and former companion to Battleship Argon.

Crimson - Autobot field medic, who helped out Decepticons with battle wounds once or twice, probably due to some sort of Cybertronian Hippocratic Oath. Last seen in the arms of GLACIER, she has disappeared.

Crystalbot -

Cut-Throat - one of the Terrorcons brought out of hiding when the idea to form the first rp-gestalt was born. Cut-Throat did not last long, however and was replaced with the Terrorcon Backstab.

Cylo-X - Betrayed Omega Smoke, Delta Vehicon X, and Infokiller in the Decepticon Empire to Warlock. Was beaten severly by Infokiller and then killed later by Warlock.

Cyprus - A withdrawn and bashful character, Cyprus never found her niche in the ongoing rp, though she was almost forced into servitude by the core-processor damaged Carcass when he held the Matrix for a time in Vindicare's and Infokiller's abscence.


Damia - Long time member of the Air Command, serving as SCs bodyguard at one time along with her twinsister Wizramoon. Known for being cold and reserved. Was one of Crosser's Go-To Cons.

Dark AirRazor - An agent of Starcrosser. Was destroyed by the Destrons, and her spark was taken capture.

Dark Apocalypse X - Dark Apocalypse cut his teeth in the old BB rp using predominantly one main character and has become the stalwart that he is today. Regarded by some as problematic, he should really be regarded as an upholder of the rp since he has been there longer than most people. Currently a triple changer under Neocon command, it is uncertain if DAX is an offshoot of his longtime previous character who will remain nameless unless he wishes otherwise. Mouthy, belligerent and sometimes insubordinate, but always a joy.

Darkbolt X - One of the original members of the X-clan. His current whereabouts is unknown.

Dark Fury - Dark Fury worked for Lord Dominator's Decepticon Grand Army.

Dark Mouse - The one everyone remembers and seems to miss, DarkMouse was pleasant, cheerful and accomodating, even to those who couldn't seem to keep their hands off of her. She disappeared without a trace later on. Served as a member of the AC in the WSD. An agent of Starcrosser.

Dark Prime - Dark Prime was an unspoken ally of Carcass when Carcass was a Decepticon. Unfortunately, Rapterian Red would twist Dark Prime's desires to her own and eventually turned him against his friends.

DarkShines - DarkShines came out of nowhere in the old rp as a new hire working under ~Minus~. He eventually found his way up the hierarchy ladder and claimed control of the Decepticons for his own for a short time. He did not like the nickname "Monkeyshines" that everyone called him.

Dark Star - DarkStar was a onetime member of the Rebels/Chaoticons. After the downfall of the Chaoticon uprising, DarkStar was forced into servitude of DOMINATOR at Carcass's bequest. DarkStar commandeered his personal spacefaring vessel otherwise known as OMEGA-17.

Dark Wolf -

Dark-Siege - A warrior returned to the battlefront, though it is unsure if he was an upgrade from a former Decepticon General from back in the old BB days. Dark-Siege returned under DOMINATOR's command to bring the Decepticons back from the vestiges of eradication after the 3rd Great War spearheaded by Infokiller and Vindicare. He was met with mixed feelings by the fledgling troops, though his jovial and uncharacteristically friendly nature with his own troops garnered him a small amount of favoritism with them.

Dark Vortex - Former commander of the Firestormers, a sub-group of the Air Command, as well as a former Neocon. Killed by Delta Vehicon X for treason, but later brought back by DVX.

Darkwind - Served as the chief of security under Starcrosser in the original AC and the WSD, and now returns to do the same in the AC2.

DeadEnd - A curious character who seemed only content to collect data on those who he surveyed. One of the only TRULY neutral characters ever encountered in BB. He seemed amused by the antics of people and asked endless questions in his "interviews" that we regrettably never got to see the light of.

Death§teel - Death§teel commanded Shockray's Aerospace Command, the secret group which did all of Shockray's dirty work and intelligence gathering. Death§teel disappeared around the time Shockray did.

Deathstorm - This ex autobot scientist turned insane, and was kicked out for having performed terrible experiments on other beings. Since then he's been making a living by creating weapons and selling them.

Deaths Head I - Alcoholic bounty hunter of Cybertron and an ass..but still a great and very funny guy. Currently working for the Cybertronian Alliance as USAF Prime's and Lord Carcass's personal bodyguard and assasin.

Decepticon Air Strike Patrol - Affectionately referred to as DASP, the Air Strike Patrol was a strange character, rped by one user controlling 5 characters at the same time. Though his methods were deemed unusual, no one has ever pulled it off so well. He would come in as DecepticonAirStrikePatrol and he would be precise in posting which member was being enacted before every post, i.e. "DecepticonAirStrikePatrol: Whisper: *flies low to the ground, unleashing plasma bombs" He was very effective and quick, a very unique approach to the rp that no one has been able to pull off since. Unfortunately, he was deemed a "zippy" for his tact, though he was brought under the leadership of DOMINATOR and was infamous for extracting the sparks of his victims to feed DOMINATOR's insane appetite. In fact, it was DASP's purloining of Cheetara's spark that forced DarkStar into the Decepticon fold, as he was promised her spark would not be harmed if he swore fealty to the Cons.

Decible - A long-time, but distant supporter of the CA. Decible returned after Carcass became a commander of the CA, and saw corruption everywhere, and wanted to bring some order to the place. He became the CA's official armoror, much to Nightshadows chagrin. Unfortunately, he got pissed off and left, for good.

Delta Vehicon X - Former Neocon second in command and team commander. DVX has been one of Omega Smokes best friends for a long time. Also worked for a time for the Air Command, and the Dominion.

Demon -

Demonic Silvermist - one of the "hated demon/transformer" halfbreeds that permeated through BB in its earlier years of the rp. Silvermist was engaging and beautiful and paired with the character Devil-Ryujin... another "demon" character.

Depth Charge - Melancholy and self-contemplating, this is one of the few Maximals of BB who could go toe-to-toe with the G1's. A devout pessimist DC never backs down from a fight and he has endured to this day to be a much appreciated member of the CA thanks to his years of interaction.

Desert Strike - DOMINATOR's direct Lieutenant, control of the Cons fell to Desert Strike in DOMINATOR's abscence. Surprisingly friendly and courteous, though deadly lethal in battle. Desert Strike harbored a supreme hatred for LandStriker, his arch enemy.

Deszaras -

DOMINATOR - Was originally the clone of Doubledealer2. During a freak accident, the second personality that occupied Doubledealer's body took over one of his clone bodies and later on defeated Doubledealer2. Now free, DOM took over DD's group called the Dominion. DOM retired and disappeared shortly after the Decepticon-Autobot war broke out. Reappeared recently to take over the CA Decepticons and lead the Decepticon Grand Army. This stint as leader was short-lived as the Nightbringers were organized to take him down in short order. The NB was not successful. Insain dictator and leader of the Dominion. A team that fell at the end of the Neocons reign. At one point, Dominator lead the Dominion in a bloody war against the BB Maximals. This lasted a few months, and ended in the deaths of many maximals. Badgertron was able to defend the remaining maximals and get them to safety, but had to take on Dominator directly to do it, which ended up with no clear victor.

Doubledealer - Once the chief of security in Shockray's team, Doubledealer was also the creator of the Dominion, as well as the host of a spare personality that would turn into DOMINATOR. DD's various new forms received version numbers: Doubledealer2, Doubledealer3, etc.

DragonsDawn - former longtime compatriot of RAGE, Dragsonsdawn is one of the few females who continue to frequent the offshoots of the old regime to this day. She continues to reside at the CA, where she is the unmentioned benefactor... loved, respected and feared by all.

Drake -

Dragus - A strange vampiric creature, Dragus was apparently some sort of BW Predacon who fed off the life substances of his female victims by approaching them romantically and then drawing them into his arms, though never killing them. Last seen feeding off of DarkMouse many years ago.

Drone37 -

Dystemper - A self-styled Junkion who almost never engaged in any sort of combat, Dystemper is dry-witted and absolutely funny. He was around as much as the furniture was in BB, and though he may have been regarded as such, he is sorely missed in retrospect.




Erehwon Swoop - Young Autobot, very friendly and eager to help his comrades. Last seen under the command of Carcass when Carcass held the Matrix, but Erehwon soon disappeared. He would resurface later under several different names that didn't seem to have much staying value.

Epyon Cyclonus - Former ladies' man at bigbot. This guy would hit on anything female and he was proud of it too!


Fantazatron - even more lazy, arrogant, and mysterious than her compatriot, Catfight. Hasn't been seen in years.

Femme Volvocon - An old comrade of Black War Convoy's. A nudist, transformed into a Volvo. Lover of Badgertron for a time, but dissapeared without a trace.

Fenrir - friend of NeoWarp for a time, Fenrir's history is a jumble of infrequent visits to the rp at any given time. He rped a character known as Exodus Wolf for a while, but it is unknown whether that character was a different form of Fenrir or not. Fenrir has endured the years however, and now maintains a lofty position in the CA administration.

Firebolt -

FireConvoy - blatantly insulting and mean-spirited, FireConvoy was a stark contrast to the character of whose name he portrays. He was not affiliated with any particular rank, but was quick to smack the shit out of any n00b that happened to piss him off. Surprisingly funny in his own way, though not many friends did he make.

FireFox - Another friend of Catfights, she was more outgoing, and hung around a while after Catfight left. Then she too left.

FireStriker - FireStriker was a self-proclaimed advocate of the old Neocon regime... his legitimacy is lost in the vestiges of time, though he did return for a while to try and topple the Autobots under Carcass's command when he was reprogrammed.


Fortress Maximus - A super-warrior from the Maximal-Autobot alliance, killed at the battle of Autobot City, where Road Apple took his body, and became Fortress Vehicon.

Freaktron - it is unclear whether or not Freaktron was one of the "demon-types" that frequented BB for a while, though he transformed into some sort of a jet and had a demon mode. He basically came into the chat to frolick with TM Darling and had little interaction with the rest of the rp, unless someone was seen with TMD, in which case he was actually very quick to fight and rather ruthless.

Frontwheel - Frontwheel was the annoying friend of Beamer who was constantly taunting and teasing other bots and then threatening to beat them up once they started to mouth back.

Frost-Byte -

Fyreball - longtime companion of the brooding Bongatron, Fyreball is an integral part of Bongatron's history. Fyreball disappeared for a short while, but came back several years ago under the command of Autobot Carcass where she served him dilligently as his chief espionage and informant.


Galvatron - not to be confused with GALViTRON, this Galvatron was no less annoying. Known for "transforming to shit cannon and firing shitstorm", Galvatron hyped his fledgling TF site a lot and was prone to bouts of flooding, just like GALViTRON. Unusually likeable at times, it never lasted long. Galvatron became Victor Knight after a while when he butted heads with the other GALViTRON, though his antics remained the same.

GALViTRON - Loud, insane, perverted, conceded, asswipe who talks a lot about aliens and probes... A very weird person who needs to seek professional help...

GLACIER - forever companion of Carcass, GLACIER was taken under Carcass's wing and shown the ropes of the rp at that time. He was loyal, determined and above all, hilarious. GLACIER continues to work at the CA offering up his brand of twisted humor when he is not butting heads with his arch-nemesis RAINSTORM or tending to the needs of his pet, Ice-Dragon. GLACIER's past is shrouded in mystery, but it is known that he was part of an expeditionary team on an uncharted ice planet where he lost contact with his brothers. He continues to search the galaxy for them. A great guy and a good friend to all who come in contact with him.

Gutwrencher - Medic/mechanic for West Sector Decepticons. Had two modes: medical transport bay and robot.


Hellraiser -

Hellwolf - HW was originally leader of the Destrons. He was also part of the creation team of the X's, he later became a hired mercenary and finally just became a homicidal loon. He then got into a fight with NBX and was unrepairably damaged for awhile, NBX fused with him becoming the six changer, but over time Hellwolf was restored and vanished in the deserts of Cybertron.

Hun-Grr - self-appointed leader of the Terrorcon faction, Hun-Grr appeared for a short time before Infokiller sent him running. The Terrorcons attempt to initiate the first rp-gestalt was never achieved unfortunately. Hun-Grr was actually quick and efficient as a speed-fighter, and it was later learned that he was rped by BSA/Sinocron


I Am Not Telling - An annoying entity - whiny, and loud.

Ice Dragon - A character found on a faraway arctic planet by GLACIER. Ice Dragon is constantly in need of attention, especially by those of the female variety.

IceFox - Originally a member of the Autobot Legion. Broke off to lead her own Autobot faction, Genesis. Currently being seen around as Property of USAF Prime.

Ice Panther -

Immolator - Unpopular mercenary, more prone to big talk and not much action. Immolator was focused on killing Teletran-1(who later became Latyrx7 so as not to be confused with T1 of the CA), Cheetara and Sylvara. It is unknown if he was contracted to do as such or if he was just trying to make a name for himself. Immolater made infrequent appearances in BB and the CA for a time before disappearing altogether.

Infokiller - Former Neocon second in command, and one of the founding members of the Neocons and helped to build Neocon City. IK is one of Omega Smoke's best friends and most trusted allies, and basicly the most powerfull warrior on Cybertron.


Jetfire - Effectionately referred to as "Jets" and one of the original CA Elite, Jetfire cut his teeth in the old rp before trying to make it better with T1 and others. Still considered one of the most influential people in the old rp and integral in the forming of the CA itself. Jets still visits, though not as often as most people would like. His outspoken views have made as many enemies as friends.

Jetflame -


Jetstorm X - This once active character was one of the founders of the X-clan. He occasionally returns to the RP now and again.


Kerrosa -

Kie-Kie - Daughter of NovaBlast X.... KK transforms into a bunny and a helecoptor...currently working as air support in the Neocons and is Alpha Smoke's girl. Is also one of the few surviving members of the Destron race, and is the one who wiped them out. She is very shy and sweet...but extremely powerful.

Kitt - Female Autobot .. or maybe a maximal .. girlfriend to someone ... she was pissy.

Knight - One of the original CA Elite, Knight's past is shrouded in some sort of Quintesson History. His "death" in the rp had a major impact on the old rp for a time. His work at the CA is legendary and laid the groundwork for much of what the CA is today. Most of the forums at the CA have evolved from ones he initially started.


Landstriker - arch-nemesis of Desert-Strike, Landstriker got into cahoots with Chaos for a while to form the Rebels, which later came to be known as the infamous CHAOTICONS. His fighting nature and general personality made him one of the most unlikeable characters in the rp for many years, though he is without a doubt one of the reasons the rp existed for as long as it did. Because of Landstriker, the Decepticons and Autobots united under one cause for the first time (to wipe out all Chaoticons) and his characters to this day cause the same strife and ill-content as they did back then.

Latyrx7 - Formerly Teletran-1 (no relation to T1), L7 was last seen when Unicron's head impacted with the "BB" planet. He was rescued by Vul-Gar, though L7 departed to the stars to find his own destiny. He infrequents the CA from time to time, though his rp interaction is missed.

Lifeline - Female Autobot medic with a mean streak. Lifeline has been pummeled, scrapped and blasted more times for her big mouth than anyone can remember. Unfortunately, her relationship with the renegade Monsterbot-turned Decepticon Vul-Gar would be her undoing when DOMINATOR tortured and destroyed her to punish Vul-Gur for his transgressions. Vul-Gar sacrificed his life to the Liege Maximo in order to give his spark to Lifeline's lifeless body so that she may live on, though changed.

Lord Gothmog - Mate of Northstar and a good friend of many. Loyal warrior for Starcrosser before he disappeared with the dissolve of the WSD.


Magic - A magical being from another universe. Magic has nicknamed herself the grandmother of all Decepticons.

Magnatron - A short time warrior, and an enemy to almost everyone he met, Magnatron was slaughtered many times. Everyone hated him. Yet he battled back and in the end came out on top as Phantom and is still hated. For a short time he led the Rebels and the Diacons.

Meltdown - Meltdown was an arch-rival of GLACIER. It is believed that Meltdown was destroyed in a battle against GLACIER and has not been seen since.

Metroplex19 - Autobot Alliance battle base, killed by Omega Smoke and Delta Vehicon X before the rise of the Neocons.

Milena - Once called Seeker Gal, but she changed her name to Milena around the time she left Beamer Magnus for Skywarp. Later on she betrayed Warp and got together with Starcrosser, who ended up terminating her in the end.

~Minus~ - Mercenary who eventually joined the Decepticons to further his own personal desires. ~Minus~ seized power of the Decepticons for a time from Dark-Siege in DOMINATOR's abscence. He worked dilligently to create a hierarchy structure behind the backs of the Decepticons that would secure his position when DOMINATOR returned which included Sixshot, DarkShines, Seph-Blade and DeadEnd. The creator of beam-displacement tech, ~Minus~ lost a fight against Infokiller and DarkShines took control of the Cons, leaving ~Minus~ to contemplate his next action. Last seen interacting with Carcass in the rp.

Moonlight Vigilant Primal - Son of Optimal Optimus Primal. Led a failed attempt to destroy the Neocons and Dominion. Killed by DOMINATOR.

Moonracer -

Mornalie Star -

MouseTrap - Mother of Dark Mouse, Golden Mouse and Silver Mouse. Married to BeeSting. Hasn't been seen for a while.


Nemesis - Female Decepticon seeker and sister of Nightracer. After a fallout with Shockray she went rogue, until she was briefly recruited by the Air Command. Shortly after killing Silver Mouse, Nem left the AC to follow her own path.

Neo Christian X -

NeoPrimeStar - NPS was a trator to the Neocons... Thats about all I CAN say.

Nerriccia Aria -

NightBlade - This former good guy turned bad under the influenced of a Decepticon female. Followed Shockray and later Starcrosser. He disappeared a while after killing Prowl.

Night Owl -

NightRain - NightRain is a frequenter of an old BW yahoo chat, though she found her way into the old school and has resided with us ever since, give or take the odd hiatus. She insists on referring to herself as evil, but no one will give her quarter for that, she's too fucking cute. Famous for her alter ego of EVIL PIE MASTER and feeding Carcass ant-filled candy canes. She maintains a lofty position of consideration with the current CA staff.

Nightracer - Female decepticon triplechanger, sister of Nemesis. Race had an affair with Skywarp, resulting in the creation of Skynight. At some point Nightracer was shot by Doubledealer.

NightShadow - Once a bat, then a werewolf, and finally a motorcycle. No matter his form, Nightshadow would be recognized by most. This demon now supposedly spends his days as a protector and inventor.

NightWing - Not a very talkative bird.

NovaBlast X - The mad scientist of the RP. This guy is always making new creations, one crazier than the last. He's one of the two remaining original members of the 'X-clan.' Dwelt mainly in the CA territories. Is the father of Seishin and Kie Kie.


OMNICRON - Former Neocon Special Ops commander. The son of Unicron, and one of the most powerful warrior in the universe. Also the creator of Omega Smoke after he was killed by Vehicon Rhinox.

Optima Primal - A Maximal from an old yahoo Beast Wars chat, Optima found her way into our fold eventually and continues to frequent the CA at the bequest of the administration. Completely GORGEOUS IRL and the only Christian that Carcass gives margin to.

Optimal Optimus Primal - The longest living Maximal in the whole goddamned world... OOP has been here and there and everywhere, and still maintains his BW agenda at the CA where he helps to maintain the current BW rpg there. Honest, trustworthy, and funny to a fault, OOP is a great friend with a great sense of humor. OOP is still pissed off that someone rp's his mother though.

Optimal Teron -


Phantom - Another former Neocon, turned Autobot warrior. Phantom usually shoots his mouth off more than his weapons and makes a lot of enemies.

Pink Beetle - Popular among the guys!

Platinum Blade - A dark a mysterious Decepticon seeker who often worked alone. He was Beamer's rival and for that reason, Epyon Cyclonus loved the guy. He was also had a fetish for stealing strange weapons.

PolarSun - In her own words, PS is the "resident CA kitty cat". Cheerful, helpful and even cute to the point of being disgusting, Polar Sun is still a welcome member of the CA staff. Her hard work and dedication to the rp and the people who have comprised it over the last several years is legendary.

Predaking -

Prima - Many old players will recognize this name. Prima, though she seemingly disappeared for good years ago, was well known for her many affairs with several different guys in the West Sector.

Prinzessin -

Prowl - Possessed of an immortal spark, similar to the great Starscream, and could not be killed completely, only in form. After rejecting NPS' love, he disappeared (probably killed) and was never heard from again.

Putsch - Former Neocon.


Quartz - Held the Phalanx that Starscreamus (clone) wanted so much. When he got three-fourths of it, she presumably disappeared.


RAGE - Loudmouth Decepticon who, bored with nothing to do in the CA Territories, would visit West Sector to pester the factions there.

RapterianRed - Predacon by heritage, RR soon found herself entrenched in the DOMINION inner struggle between Vul-Gar, DOMINATOR and DVX. Self-serving, meticulously cunning and devious, RapterianRed actually persuaded DOMINATOR to her own designs on several occasions through the use of her seductive prowess. Unfortunately, RR was killed at the hands of Infokiller and Vindicare, where she was beheaded and Infokiller using her head as a basketball. Infokiller keeps the head to this day as a trophy. It is rumored that RapterianRed is still around somehow to this day, though she keeps silent about her workings. One of the last great rpers in the BB chats.

Rattrap - Not to be confused with TM Rattrap, this character was a walking headache, most likely a n00b young child, riddled with visions of Escaflowne and the like. Rattrap was non-aligned and did more damage "helping" his friends than anything.

Relevart - A being (non-Transformer) that had everybody spooked with these special powers of his.

Remington - Remington served under Starcrosser's command in the West Sector Decepticons. He often got himself into much trouble due to his rebellious nature and lack of experience.

Retrotron - Retrotron is quick, skilled and ultimately ready to assume leadership under any circumstances. He has dark ties to Vindicare and Infokiller, and once the Decepticon DarkShines left the Decepticons for a mission, Retrotron was placed in command. Retrotron commanded the Decepticons well in DarkShines' abscence, though he met with bitter inception to the CA. He surfaces now and again.

RipperSnapper - A rogue Terrorcon, estranged from his brethren. RipperSnapper has found himself flying the Decepticon banner on several occasions, though his self-preservation has always been priority. Brutish and dimwitted, RipperSnapper speaks in 3rd person dialect and is rumored to have some sort of decrepit romantic background with Blue Shimmer. He still shows up now and then, mostly spouting threats about bringing back the Terrorcons. Famous for his attack of puking on his foes.

Roar - Roar was predominantly unlikeably, refusing help whenever he might need it. A rogue, Roar seemed to work of his own volition, and no one actually claimed him of official factional status, regardless of his claims.

Rodenticons - The three stooges.

Rogue - Former Neocon Air Inforcer. Helped fight the Decepticon Empire before the rise of the Neocons. Also was one of Omega Smoke's girlfriends before she retired and left Cybertron.

Rust Spot - Charming, yet full of shit. The alluring Rust Spot holds some sway over a minute multitude of rp characters, though her dimwittedness and overall large mouth gets her into trouble more often than not. She is rumored to be some sort of a hybrid between Decepticon spark and Autobot technology, though the actual parameters of which remain to be seen.


Sabrewing -

Scorpex_Ryoko -

Scourge Deceit -

Screamer - Smoke's first kill in the BigBot chatroom/bar. Was Vehicon Rhinox's mate, thus VR was pissed at Smoke and killed him even worse than he was hired to do.

Seishin -

Sentinel -

Seph-Blade - Long time Neocon and friend to many. Seph-Blade helps out about anyone who needs it. But is also a really good fighter whenever battle is near.

SG-666 -

Shadow Menace - A powerful being of dark energy.

Shadow Stalker -

Shapestorm - A decidedly determined Decepticon, though not under any particular affiliation and usually acting on his own. Shapestorm has been defeated on many occasions, never having claimed victory in his own right, having been defeated by RipperSnapper several times and finally finding his ultimate defeat and death at the hands of DVX and Vul-Gar.

Shockray - Shockray was Ground Assault Commander under Omegatron in the Decepticon Battlia. When Omegatron died in an accident, Shockray's forces defeated those of Starscreamus. Shockray created and commanded of one of the West Sector's first Decepticon armies, the Decepticon Command. Shockray mysteriously disappeared after he declared his own Air Command subgroup to be traitors.

Short-Fuse - Daughter of Apocalypse and a member of the Empire and Alpha Omega Smoke's sister.

Side Road -

Silvara - Shadow Menace's Wife.

Silverlightning -

SilverMouse - Sister of Dark Mouse. This young female was killed on her wedding day, the execution order carried out by Nemesis.

Silverwing -

Sinocron/BSA - Battleship Argon was originally constructed from an AI program infused into a battleship. Later on, his form was upgraded with a smaller structure housed within the battleship which his AI could be downloaded into. Although cited as a coward and "zippy" by many, Sinocron/BSA was a steadfast warrior who took on the mighty Infokiller and Scourge Deceit time and again, even giving his life to safeguard those he was friends with on many occasions. A great friend to the few of us who got to know him.

Sixshot - A fiercely fast warrior, Sixshot could fight with the best, until an interaction with Scourge Deceit sent him on his way and was only intermittently heard from ever since... he is missed.

Sky Fury - One of Sinocron's AI vestiges shunted into a new body. As with his predecessors, his allegiance was to no one, save himself and his own twisted vision of justice and self-preservation.

Skydancer -

Skynight - The result of the relationship between Nightracer and Skywarp, the young and playful girl was recruited by Air Command and has remained there ever since. Easy on the optics.

Skywarp - Former Air Commander under Shockray in the Decepticon Command. Taken out by his replacement, Starcrosser. Skywarp, rebuilt, then joined the CobraCons briefly, before leaving again as the CobraCons were taken over by the Air Command.

Slash - A self-styled triple changer, Slash transformed into a motorcycle and some form of dinosaur/raptor. He piloted a ship who's name is lost in the vestiges of the old rp. He was volatile, self-centered, and mean.

Snap Dragon - Former member of the Dominion, but having unspoken ties with NPS. SnapDragon still owes Carcass a CD of Unbelievable Joy Machine, the band most famous for recording the music for the SCUD game on SegaSaturn.

Soundwave - SW was once a member of the Cobracons and later on the Air Command. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Soudwave CD -

Speed Breaker -

Speedstrike -


Starcrosser - Former leader of the AC faction, and the Neocons first great eneimes. After the AC fell, the Neocons became the most powerful faction at the time.

StarTalon - StarTalon was once a member of the Puddincons, but became disgruntled. At one point StarTalon lead the CobraCons. After her surrender to the Air Command, she became one of the leading members there. At some point she left and she's been in and out of numerous groups since then, before she finally disappeared.

Starscream -

Starscreamus - Leader of the Bandko army that faught against the Federalites. Helped Omega Smoke and the Neocons fight and win against the AC during their war.

StormBlazer -

StormSpryte -

SuperFireConvoy -

Supremium - Bashful young Autobot who had high hopes. he lead the Legion and watched it crumble under his command. Later became upgraded to Supremium by Autobot Mech. He was constantly made fun of for having a dumb name - hence the name change to Supremium.

Sylvara -


Taker - Gestalt consisting of these generals. Taker controlled an army named the Bringers. Possibly existed in the days of the Decepticon Battlia. Was rumored by Shockray to be returning, but never did.

Teletran 1 (T1) - Forger of the Cybertronian Alliance. Holds himself above all others on Cybertron, but is aloof and rarely seen in public.

TetraFlare -

Thudd - Decepticon Empire mercenary. Easily beaten by Zophar and Rogue. Then killed when Omega Smoke threw what was left of Metroplex19 on top of him.

Thundercracker - Easy going Decepticon destroyed years ago. He was killed in a fight with Valzheik Godheval. He was survived by his brother, Skywarp.

Tigerhawk -

Tinka -

TM Darling - Sidekick/love interest for Freaktron... nice, and alluring, but usually just sat in wait for Freaktron to show up in the BB chat so that they may leave together.

TM Megatron -

TM Snow Strider - Polite and socially apt, TMSS was a great friend, but was prone to severe bouts of "zippyness" during the fabled Decepticon Hit List turmoil that caused the Decepticons' downfall in the last years of the BB chat.

TM Speedstrike -

Tortured Spark -

Tracks -

Tundrawing -


Ultra Cheetor -

Ultimate Galvatron Prime -

Ultra Magnus -

Ultra Megatron - Large black tank of a Megatron who was loud, strong and had some sort of grudge against NPS and ACDC.

USAF Prime -


Valzheik -


Vehicon Rhinox - A mercenary for the old Decepticon Empire sent out by Warlock to kill the original form of Smoke. Was brutally killed when Smoke came back as Omega Smoke after Omnicron brought him back.

Vindicare - Former Neocon team commander and a very tough warrior. Also a good friend of Omega Smoke and Neocon City.

Vortex - At first, many years ago VorTeX commissioned himself to the CA, but he went awol for a time. He returned, roughly 3 years later to resume his seat at the CA Administrative council and to further their goals of integration and dominance.

Vul-Gar - Disenchanted former member of the Monsterbots, Vul-Gar was appointed to Decepticon Chief of Police by Desert Strike in Dominator's abscence. Vul-Gar swore fealty to the insane Dominator, though his interaction with the Autobot medic Lifeline would be his undoing. Upon Lifeline's death at the hands of Dominator, Vul-Gar sacrificed himself to the Liege Maximo in order to give his spark's life essence so that Lifeline might live. His death and transferrence was witnessed by Sylvara, Warp, AutobotMech, Lifeline, and others.


Warlock - Leader of the old Decepticon Empire. Killed the former leader, Apocalypse to take over command and ran the faction into the ground by accusing everyone he didn't like of being a trator and having them killed. When he chased Omega Smoke, Infokiller and Delta Vehicon X out, they formed the Neocons and wanted to distroy them. But thanks to Warlock, the faction died before they could launch a full attack.

Warp - A fearsome adversary aligned with the Decepticons, but always with apparent motives of his own. Warp fashioned the neural mod chip that brainwashed Cheetara back in the day when he was reformatted to NeoWarp after the downfall of the Chaoticons. Warp/NeoWarp was smooth, calculating and dangerous, usually in the guise of a trenchcoat which he fashioned for himself after watching too much earthen TV transmissions and also the use of an "armbelt" which allowed him the neural link and usage of a 2nd set of arms in combat.

Warrior Prime - Leader of the Twilights, his self-appointed unit of upstarts in the old BB realm. WP has since receded into the vestiges of lunacy and pornography, citing members of the old regime and current members of the CA as being the authors of his imminent downfall.

Waspinator -

Wildcat -

Wizramoon - Twin sister of Damia. Served as Starcrosser's bodyguard in the AC. Also served as assassin along with Damia. One of Crosser's Go-To Cons.

Wheelimus Prime - Appeared breefly in BigBot and other CA chats and annoyed people with his rhymes. But helped to start to bring the light of what NPS was doing out in the open. He was killed later on though by everyone....because they all got sick of his damn rhyming.


Xcalibur - Autobot Alliance leader after nearly killing Optimus Pyro. Beaten by Zophar before the rise of the Neocons, then later killed by own Autobot members for teaming up with the enemy.


Zophar - Former Neocon Sub-Commander. Helped build the Neocons into the powerful faction they became. Also helped defeat the mercenaries sent out to distroy the Neocons before they where even built. Retired and left Cybertron a couple years later. A good friend of Omega Smoke's and will be missed.